Chaplaincy at University of Suffolk & Suffolk New College
Brand Strategy
Brand Identity
In-House Design Support

Chaplaincy is a space where young people can go to explore and experience faith, and navigate the waves of life. The chaplains most often spend time in a space at the University of Suffolk and Suffolk New College to give guidance and support. We worked with Linda and the team on a rebrand in order to position them better to those they want to reach. The brand concept speaks to guiding people and helping them explore, with the logomark being as bold as possible so it can be seen clearly at freshers fairs, but it can also fit nicely as a conclusion to the messaging. It focuses on the idea of Chaplaincy being a space to rest, debate and receive guidance, a “harbour” where people can stop off on their journey.

Chaplaincy at University of Suffolk and Suffolk New College engaged BRIX to work on a complete re-branding project. It has given us a brand which clearly portrays who we are and what we seek to do. It is visually pleasing. The whole process helped us to clarify our message. This brand work will help us to portray Chaplaincy as a contemporary organisation within the College and University spheres.

Linda Pepper - Chaplain