Mid Suffolk District Council
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We have also supported MSDC with funded projects which are designed to support the communities they serve. We’ve worked with them on developing a pack to find an investment partner that could help them use their resources efficiently for the good of the community. Alongside that, we have also worked with them on a community project in 2018/19 called “Sudbury Silk Stories”. They were funded to create a film that explained the rich history of making world class silk in Sudbury, and the people behind that industry. We created the brand identity and website for them to deliver this project. This enabled them to get a second years worth of funding to continue to develop the project.

It is an additional asset to have BRIX on board, they don’t just provide a design service, they completely invested in our work. A great listener, Adam was part of the our team, coming on the journey of project development with us, a sounding board, always helpful and supportive, happy to try out different ideas, even when it meant going back to the original one!

Carole Creasey - Project Lead for Sudbury Silk Project