Food Photography essentials with Selina Taylor

Hello again! Yes, this is happening and you are getting two blog posts in one week... what a treat for you all!

When it comes to photography, food photography is generally one that everyone wants to try at some point in their career. Not only is it all over social media at the moment, but it's also a very sought after skill, and not one that is always as easy as it looks. So this week, we thought we'd sit down and have a quick chat with one of our photographers, Selina - who led the photography side of things for our Hollow Trees Christmas brochure (2018 version out now, just saying). She shares her bitesize tips on camera settings, lighting, and essential items when working on a food based brief! If you want some more in-depth answers, get in touch with us by using the information on the contact page!

Here goes...

What are your essentials when going on a photography shoot? It depends on the type of shoot really! For a portrait session I wouldn’t go anywhere without my reflector as it can make such a difference. For food styling it’s pipettes and cotton buds, and for landscapes it’s a polarising filter for my camera lens.

What are your key tips for lighting and setting your camera up for a photography shoot? Take different options with you and check the exposure as you go. I have my speedlite and a pop-up studio with me usually just in case, although natural light always wins if it's available! Bouncing the flash away from the subject instead of pointing it straight at them produces a softer, more balanced image.

The master in action...

What’s your favourite part about food photography projects? I love food styling and food photography, I guess my favourite part is getting creative with props and layouts, making each shot as tempting as possible. I’ve always loved cooking and trying new foods so it’s an area that really interests me. If you want to stop shooting and eat it, you’re on the right track!

What is your editing process of food photography photos like? As minimal as possible! All I would normally do is adjust the exposure levels if needed and sharpen them a little more. If I’ve got the settings right during the shoot they shouldn’t need much editing.

What’s your favourite photo from the Hollow Trees shoot? I loved most of the photos from the Hollow Trees as the shoot combined two of my favourite things – food and Christmas! In terms of the photo I think looks the best, I’d have to say the beef rib on the bone or some of the hamper shots. Hollow Trees had complied big baskets of festive props for us to use so it was a lot of fun to work on the shoot!

We told you it was only a brief conversation, but hopefully it'll give you some starting points when working on photography projects, or just working on your food photography at home! As always, let us know if you'd like to see more creative tips on the blog. If not, we'll just keep doing what we're doing!

Until next time ...

The BRIX Team