Introducing our BRIX: In Conversation with ... series

Updated: Aug 23, 2018

Hello everyone,

So as many of you will know - we're passionate about supporting the challenges that young people face today, which is the reason we support The Mix Stowmarket with our work. One of those challenges is finding fulfilling jobs, especially when it comes to creative careers.

This got us thinking ... how can we help to motivate people to continue to pursue creative careers? We don't know about you, but we love hearing people's stories and seeing some of their work to continue to be inspired. You've probably heard enough from us over the past couple of months on here, so we thought that we would do interviews with the people in our creative network, and people who are part of our team about how they got started in the industry and the story behind their journey as a creative professional.

As we have these incredibly talented people at our disposal, we thought it would be silly to hold these people back from imparting their knowledge over to our blog. So this is just a heads up to let you know that we'll be starting a new series very soon, which we're currently calling "BRIX: In Conversation with ...". The name may end up changing when we start, but the format will stay the same.

We always find that learning from others is one of the best things you can do throughout your career, but particularly in the early stages. You can learn from others mistakes, and also use some approaches that they have taken to maybe kickstart your career (without directly copying them, obviously). No matter what stage you're at though, it's always good to see new work and hear a new perspective on design, and the creative industry in general.

We'll be aiming to start this within the next couple of weeks, so keep your eyes peeled for the first post of the series!

Until next time ...

The BRIX Team