Why you should have "Identity Designed" in your personal library

Hello all.

We're back again for another quick rambling session! Today, we wanted to make a quick plug for a book we've recently added to the collection, a book called Identity Designed by David Airey. You may already know him from his website "Logo Design Love" and his other books (which also happen to be in our collection) - but this is his latest book where he looks at how branding and design studios all over the world go about the logo identity design process.

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We're certainly not pro book reviewers, so we thought we'd keep this short and sweet instead and give you three reasons why this is worthy to sit on your desk (after being read, obviously):

1. In depth case studies

This book is built on a number of case studies for design projects of various sizes and industries. Each agency shares some information about each of these topics:

Background of the project The deliverables involved in the project Pricing Legalities of identity projects The brief, and the process involved with the project Finding ideas Presenting the ideas Developing guidelines Studio marketing & finding clients

Some agencies choose to go into more detail with some areas of project management or client relationships, but each section is incredibly helpful if you're thinking about your own process within your studio, or if you're just a little more interested about how agencies approach the same type of project.

Included in each section is some fantastic photos of the agencies work in progress, as well as some screenshots of branding guidelines once the project was finished.

Of course, you can see all of the work featured in the book online, but very rarely will you see this amount of detail about all areas of a project on an agencies website because of the legalities of each project. So if you want to go a bit deeper than the surface level design, this is one very good reason to pick up this book!

2. Suitable for studio owners, students and seasoned pros alike!

Another thing we really love about this book is the fact that it's applicable to all people involved with identity design and branding, no matter what stage you're at.

As an example, if you're a studio owner, you may know very much about branding and identity systems, and you will probably know about the contracts and project management involved with this type of project too, but you may want to streamline your practice or perhaps seek further guidance on trademarking? This book will give you some further thought about different approaches you could take with that. Alongside that, it's a welcome addition to the studio bookshelf for your team, just to have a flick through when looking for inspiration or if you're dealing with an unknown situation with a client.

It's the same with those already comfortable working in these agencies, the seasoned pros.

They've probably been there and done it all before, but our advice would be to collect as many books and inspiration pieces for your personal library as you can anyway, as you never know where inspiration could spark from, and you can always pass them on later down the line!

On the flip side, if you're a student or someone who's goal is to develop identity systems and get a job at an agency, this will give you an insight into how that process looks internally, as well as giving you some inspiration and ideas about how you can get your name out there in the design space and start to build your portfolio while you're studying (there's a section about that each agency answers about how to market your work and win your first clients).

Alongside that, it's also an opportunity to start to study identity systems and really look at how a design studio solved the particular challenge that their client came to them with. The more you go down the route of understanding how different agencies approach different challenges, the more you can try out different approaches to the challenges you help clients solve!

Our advice would be to collect as many books and inspiration pieces for your personal library as you can, as you never know where inspiration could spark from

3. It's a brilliantly designed piece in itself!

You would expect a well known designer to be able to design a brilliant book, and this one certainly proves that. As well as being a fantastic resource for the information inside though, the book in itself is beautifully designed. It's easy to read just like any normal book, but it's also just as valuable having a flick through to look at photos on each case study.

We're surprised at how many books about design aren't actually designed very nicely at all (sometimes that could be the publishers fault though, granted) - but this book stays well clear of that and looks to be as visually compelling as it is with the information it gives.

So that's our recommended resource of the month! We might start doing these more regularly, whether that be books we like, software plugins we use or a physical product. We see huge value in constantly learning and growing and so we want to make that process a little easier and give you some resources we've gained value from!

Enjoy the sun!

The BRIX Team